手弹出海 扬帆起航

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目前,《弹弹堂手游》的“出海”征程已正式开启,海外将统一命名为《DDTank》。2017年9月28日由东南亚独家代理Garena发行登陆中国台湾市场。越南地区则已确定以 “Garena DDTank” 为名于2017年12月14日正式发行上线,其余泰国、新加坡、菲律宾等国家和地区的上线筹备工作也已经在积极展开。ag官网平台作为“DDTank”全球的原创和官方游戏开发商,我们也非常期待尽快将这款诚意之作呈现给全世界的玩家。


作为曾经风靡全越南的《弹弹堂》页游的唯一正版手游续作,相信 “Garena DDTank” 的上线会重新撼动越南的手游市场。


DDTank has accumulated a great amount of success since its April official launch in China, it attracted mass amount of webgame players and new players alike. The classic multiplayer online artillery arena, made passionately by the same team that brought you classic artillery games, retained the classic charge to shoot method, as well as introduced Pull-and-Release control method, this new method not only simplified the control to better suit players on mobile devices. It can literally be done with a single finger so players will be able to enjoy the game in in its entirety.


7Road has pitched the name “DDTank” to be used globally, and the oversea conquest has officially begun. Since DDTank's release in Taiwan on September 28th, 2017. Vietnam version of the game has been confirmed to be published by Garena by the name “Garena DDTank” and it is set for release on December 14th, 2017, not to mention Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and even more regions are actively preparing for release. With utmost sincere, 7Road, as the original developer, we are excited to present this masterpiece to players around the world. 

As the only official successor of Vietnam’s most popular webgame, “Garena DDTank” will surely make a great impact in the Vietnamese mobile game market.


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